Monday, July 27, 2009


"I saw the performance last night with my daughter and husband and we were each deeply moved and impressed. What you have done here is big, really BIG. This performance breaks down barriers and halts judgments. It opens our minds and hearts to each other while showing how we each have the ability to change ourselves and our world for the better. I hope this show is ongoing and travels far.
Congratulations and thank you"
- Tanya Baccarat

Email excerpt from a staff person at THE MARY ISAAK CENTER to executive director of the Committee On The Shelterless JOHN RECORDS:

"This was an all-time spectacular event at MIC! We filled all of our chairs, so I expect the count was somewhere around 70-80 people. .... The members received it well and I think that the subject matter was maybe a little too close to home, but it was softened by the fact that 10-17 year olds were delivering the message. Lots of tears and applause."

"This is one of the most effective approaches to education I've ever seen."
- John Records,
Executive Director of the Committee On The Shelterless

The Habit Project turned out to be a serious, funny, enlightening and entertaining exploration of human nature. There are very few 'enrichment-type' programs that can provide this depth of experience and understanding. You helped to empower all of our children to make good choices and develop good habits. Thank you so much! It was a great experience and we look forward to future productions.
~ Theresa Quinlan
(Emily's mom)

"... a fantastic, smart, thought provoking new play performed by a cast all under the age of 18. Really great stuff! I can't wait for the documentary!"
-Robert Conard

"Frickin fantastic! I was trying to take notes during the show! It was really truly brilliant. They are making a documentary of the production and the entire process, so some day perhaps you can see that."
-Jessica Anderson Conard

"I can not stop thinking about last night's performance, just brillant! Congratulations on pulling off such a fantastic show!!"
-Siggie Phillips

"The Habit Project is brilliant theater! Engaging, funny, sad, thought-provoking--and that's just the script. The young actors are equally brilliant! A must-see for anyone who can get to a show."
-Barbara Shore

Someone saw our show at the SF Theater Festival and blogged about it...

"sunday i took Miles for some culture downtown, the sf free theater festival. we watched lots of adults entertaining kids--psychotic clowns, storytellers, physical comedy, pirates, jugglers. but what i loved where the kid entertainers. we saw our acquaintance isabel singing excerpts from the sound of music, an amazing grease with long-haired drummer and teenagers from the mission singing and dancing, but my favorite was a group called the habit project from petaluma. they were from about 10-17, all beautiful kids in white shirts and black pants, full of joy but somber, singing and playing guitar, very adult songs about being fucked up, being in love, making stupid decisions. while listening i didn't know what the theme was but knew it was deep and the kids were special. i was ready to sign miles up, even if he would be learning about drinking and bad relationships and adult stuff. somehow it all worked, it was beautiful."


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